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This week we fast forward through the history of Israel once again. The age of the Judges has come to an end, and the age of the Kings has now begun. Samuel has anointed Saul as the very first King of Israel. He seemed like the ideal candidate, but things quickly start to go wrong when Saul disobeys God’s explicit command. As a result, God rejects Saul as King, but he still ends up hanging on to power for at least another decade. God calls us all to follow Him, but there comes a time for all of us when we have to stop and recognise the need to step aside so that someone else can take over.


We’re taking a break from ‘God Calls Everyone’ over the next 2 weeks while Tim is away on holiday. Next week Ken Trench from Spirit of Life Church will be leading the service, and the following week Liz McFarlan will be with us.

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