Rev. Jim Cowan

Rev. Jim Cowan has been the minister of Barrhead Arthurlie Church of Scotland since December 1998.The current Presbytery Plan only allows for two ministers in Barrhead, so when South & Levern became vacant in 2011, discussions with Presbytery led to the decision to unite the two congregations. Jim graciously agreed to lead the united congregation.

Jim’s approach to worship is informal and he has introduced many innovations to our services. These include the use of multi-media facilities and the inclusion of the Junior Church in the latter part of the main Sunday service. Jim is married to Religious Education teacher Nadia, and has an active interest in motorbikes.

To assist the congregation in its singing, and to widen the choice of praise available, we use a projector to display the words of praise on a screen at the front of the church. We raise our eyes and our voices as we sing.

Sunday services in St Andrew’s are at 9.30 and 11am. Arthurlie Church had a long tradition of an adventurous attitude towards music which has been taken forward into the new St Andrew’s Church. Our Praise Leader  is Linda Dick.

Linda is choir leader and organist, and her Salvation Army roots often show through in her choice of music.

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