Hello, my name is Catherine McGrath and I have the pleasure and privilege of being Convener of St. Andrew's Guild for the session 2015/2016. Although St. Andrew's Guild is only 3 years old, formed at the unification of South and Levern Church and Arthurlie Church, there have been groups in the Barrhead and Neilston area for over 100 years.

Guild members are often thought of as being fundraisers for their church at Coffee Mornings where we sell our home baking. This is true; however, we also tackle issues that other organisations are reluctant to discuss. The Guild always welcomes a challenge, and through fundraising we are able to help others both at home and abroad, sometimes in the simplest of ways. Have you seen our Notice Board?

The Guild motto is: "Whose we are and Whom we serve." (Acts 27: 23)

This is never far from our thoughts, no matter whether we are discussing a thought-provoking topic or preparing for a fundraising event.

So why don't you come along and join us on a Monday evening and learn more about the workings of the Guild, have a cup of tea, and a chat.

This year again we have a wide and varied programme. Our session starts on the first Monday in October in the Westbourne Room of the Ralston Road building at 7.30pm. Both ladies and gentlemen are very welcome, so I look forward to meeting you soon.

However, for more information, please contact me at:

580 9548.

Every Blessing,

Catherine McGrath.